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Locate a Serial Number on Your Construction Equipment

At ConEquip a serial number is needed to identify the proper parts for your equipment and our customers often ask "where do I find my serial number?". Because of this, we have put together a series of resources that will help you to locate your construction equipment serial number. The basis of the serial number location project is from the work of George Kleinsteiber and the OSWCA.

In addition to the efforts of those mentioned above our team at ConEquip (along with many of our loyal customers) were able to compile resources to aid in your machine identification. We have enhanced the information with accessible pages along with a printable PDF, machine pictures, and in many cases videos identifying the exact location of a serial number on your construction equipment (take a look at the Komatsu excavator example below).

If you are a local contractor who would like to share images or videos of the serial number location on your machine, please contact us here. We would love to share your resource with our audience of machine operators and part sellers.

Locating a serial on construction equipment
Video Transcript

Tag, you're it! Hey, I'm Ben with ConEquip
101. Tag you're it! I'm it! Nope, you're it and it's your
turn to figure out why it's so important to be tagged and asking the great
questions to get the right results for our customers. Transmissions, rear axle
assemblies, front axle assemblies, turbos, water pumps, starters, alternators, main
hydraulic pumps, engines, final drives, swing motors, all have tags on them. Tags, tags. Any time you hear the word pump, everybody say that with me, pump. You
equate that to tag. Any time you hear the word pump there's usually a tag.
Hydraulic pump, water pump, transmission pump, main hydraulic pump. (Ben dancing to PUMP UP THE JAM MUSIC) Anytime you hear the word pump you got to think there's a hydraulic tag on it. It's just a little plate, as you can see, and then
it has a lot of stuff on it. It might look Greek to you, it looks more Japanese to me but the purpose of those tags is to carry
information and even though you and I don't know what it means all the time we
have professionals that have a higher educational level than we do or at least
me that do know what it means and that's okay it makes me excited to know that
there are lots of people that can crack the code on those tags. Ask for the
information. Sir, ma'am, I know on that main hydraulic pump there's a tag on
there. If you can get me that tag information it'll ensure the accuracy of
the part I'm going to be sending to you. So number one, tags ensure the accuracy.
Number two, they also will find errors and mistakes in parts books or if the
part was replaced with something different that the customer didn't know
about because they bought the machine used and somebody else put a pump in
there well that works but hey, it didn't come
with it so, well originally it didn't come with the machine. Therefore, when
you're in the parts book looking it up you might have this part number and you
remember this video and say oh I'm supposed to ask for a tag it's like yeah
the part numbers are definitely different. Where did you buy the machine? Let's start some investigation again. Oh, I brought it at an auction. Imagine that. That's where we go from there. Turbos. They have tags on them also. You got to just get the information. It's very, very helpful. Final drives have tags.
Very important as well because people definitely change out final drive and
have different aftermarket ones in there and then you know that it's aftermarket
either way you just ask. So let's look at some live tags in action. So let's look at a CAT engine tag. (POINTING) engine serial number, engine
arrangement number, here's the final drive information. On final drives because ConEquip Parts sells a lot of final drives, and I'm going to tell you how to
tell a customer on where a final drive tag is located. On an excavator, we're
gonna start with that, there's a cover plate on the inside part of the tracks
you take off there's usually four to like seven or eight bolts that have
we'll take off a cover plate. Take the cover plate off, tell them to get a
flashlight and the tag will be staring them right in the face when they look in
there. The other thing they might want to bring is a rag because there's a lot of
crap that still gets up in there and you might have to wipe the tag off really
good. If somebody has a really good quality iPhone or a droid phone they can
take a picture of it and send it to you via text message. Or just read it off to you. And make sure
when they are reading it off to you there could be things like an M-A-G
number which would be a MAG number what we call or a Teijin Seiki drive.
There's Comer drives, there's Som drives. There's some other drives
manufacturers out there. It doesn't matter. Whatever's on the tag is what you want the customer to give you. That is gonna
be basically like your social security number, at least on this planet. However,
the tags are actually more than just a social security number
they're like God's DNA for your life and how you are, and built internally that's
all the information that's on that tag. And that's the same for the main
hydraulic pumps typically located either on the side of the block or on the valve
cover which is on top of the cylinder head. Depending on the manufacturer, for instance, Cummins. They will have an engine serial number also known as ESN
so they'll have an engine serial number and also a CPL that's Charlie P as in
Paul L as in Larry, CPL which is a maybe complete parts list possibly it's
what it means but it's really important. So, engine serial number, CPL - memorize
that for Cummins. The next would be Catapillar. Caterpillar has an ESN and also an arrangement number which also could be
abbreviated a A-R-R-G on the tag. That you're gonna ask the customer for. Perkins also
has an engine serial number and also a family number you need both of those.
Kubota, just has an engine serial number Deutz, german-made, engine serial number and something else. Case engines just have engine serial
numbers. Yanmar, doesn't matter we don't help out people with Yanmars. Ford, really
tough to get we can get engine rebuild kits they just have an engine serial
number. Mitsubishi, love selling engines parts
for Mitsubishi. Good, we have some good sources to help people out with those.
Isuzu has engine serial numbers and I think something else and I think just
engines serial numbers. Engine model number for Komatsu which just has an
engine serial number but Komatsu model number as 6D95L-3. Who comes up with
that weird stuff? Doesn't matter, just ask that's what matters to you. That's it
for this class. I'm Ben with ConEquip 101, we'll see you in the next class.

Call us if you need help locating your serial number. 1-716-836-5069