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Serial Number Location for CAT Skidsteer Loader

Models: 216, 228, 242, 248, 262, 272, 287, 226, 236, 246, 252, 267, 277, 226B, 236D, 242D, 246D, 262D, 272D, 272-XHP, 247B, 257D, 277D, 287D, 259D, 279D, 289D, 299D

Serial Number Examples: Pre 2001, 8 digits: 4ZN12345 2001, 17 digits: CAT00262LCED001660

VIN Number Location: On smaller models, on the left side at the rear of the machine, under the left support arm. On larger models the plate is found on the left side (highway) behind the cab under the lift arm (similar to Bobcat). Beginning in 2014 the plate may also be found on the right side (curb) similar to the left side location. Beginning with â??Câ?? model machines there is a public stamping of the full VIN on the left side of the machine behind the front tire, or on track models, behind the left front track pul- ley. In 2014 they moved the stamped VIN to the right front of the machine, similar to Case and Bobcat.

PDF version PDF Version: serial-number-cat-skidsteer-loader.pdf

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