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Serial Number Location for Case Excavator

Models: 40LC, 888, 1088, CX80C, CX160C, CX300C, 125B, 9007, 1187, CX120, CX210, CX350C, 170B, 9010, 1280, CX130, CX210C, CX470C, 220B, 1080, 1286, CX130C, CX235CSR, CX700B, 688, 1085, CK62, CX145CSR, CX250, CX800, 880, 1086, CX75C, CX160, CX250C, CX800B

Serial Number Examples: 10 digits: DAC0202789 17 digits: DAC350K7NES7P1001

VIN Number Location: Right side lower edge of the cab below the windshield (same as Caterpillar and John Deere). Some larger model machines may have the VIN plate in the cab near operators right hand. The VIN plate is glued on older models. New ones with the large VIN plate maybe attached with polished stainless rivets.

PDF version PDF Version: serial-number-case-excavator.pdf

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