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Serial Number Location for Komatsu Excavator

Models: PC100, PC180, PC228, PC300, PC750, PC2000, PC120, PC200, PC250, PC350, PC800, PC3000, PC128, PC210, PC270, PC400, PC1100, PC4000, PC150, PC220, PC280, PC600, PC1250, PC138, PC170, PC210, HB215, PC228, PC240, PC290, PC360, PC390, PC490, PC650, PC800, PC1250

Serial Number Examples: 6 digits: A83462 17 digits: KMTHB001T03002436

VIN Number Location: Same location as Case, Caterpillar and John Deere. The public stamping of the full VIN can be found on the front of the machine between the 2 hydraulic arms on a flat surface. Komatsu place a small decal bearing the word KOMATSU over their stampings.

PDF Version: serial-number-komatsu-excavator.pdf

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