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Serial Number Location for JCB Skidsteer Loader

Models: 160, 180, 225, 280, 320, 1105, 165, 185, 260, 300, 360, 208S, 135, 175, 205, 260, 300, 150T, 205T, 260T, 320T, 155, 1909, 225, 280, 330, 190T, 225T, 300T

Serial Number Examples: 17 digits: SLP1855AXE7468967, GE0300WVAA1745600

VIN Number Location: On single arm models on the right side at the rear of the machine, near the right support arm. On all other older model machines, the same location as Bobcat and Caterpillar on the rear inside of the left (highway) side support arm. On 2014 model machines JCB use a mylar type VIN label instead of the older metal plate. JCB stamp the VIN on the machine near the VIN plate and put a red box around it to make it more visible.

PDF version PDF Version: serial-number-jcb-skidsteer-loader.pdf

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