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Serial Number CAT Full Size Wheel Loader

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Serial Number Location for CAT Full Size Wheel Loaders

Models: 928G, 928H, 938G, 938H, 950G, 950H, 962G, 962H, 966G, 966H, 966K, 972G, 972H, 972K, 980G, 980H, 980J, 980K, 988F, 988G, 988H, II990H, 992G, 992H, 992K, 993K, 994D, 994F, 994G, 994H, IT18, IT24, IT28, IT38G, IT38H, IT62G, IT62H, 930K, 938K, 950K, 950M, 962K, 962M, 966M, 972M, 980M, 982M, 988K, 990H, 990K, 986H, 998H

Serial Number Examples: Pre 2001, 8 digits: 3CL12345 2001 and up, 17 digits: CAT0962GR4PW00533

VIN Number Location: Left (highway side) of the machine behind the front tire. On Pre 2001 machines, there will be an 8 digit VIN stamped in close to the VIN plate. On older 60’s, & 70’s machines the VIN plate is attached on right (curb) side of machine higher up in front of the drivers cab. On any machine that there is a 17 digit VIN plate there will be a full 17 digit VIN stamped very close to the plate but may be covered in paint.

PDF version PDF Version: serial-number-cat-full-wheel-loader.pdf

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