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Serial Number Location for Mitsubishi Mini-Excavator

Models: ME25, ME40, MM35, MM45, MM55, MX55

Serial Number Examples: 8 digits: E1F00101

VIN Number Location: On the right (curb) side of the cab below the window, or on the opposite side of knuckle boom. Depending on size and model of the machine it may be found on either side of the knuckle boom.

Note: This product is often fraudulently painted to resemble a Caterpillar machine and sold for more money. If the machine you are examining has a VIN number that starts with E1F you are looking at a Mitsubishi. Refer to Caterpillar for a sample of their VIN numbers. Caterpillar own the "rights" to the black and red "shark fin logo labels."

PDF version PDF Version: serial-number-mitsubishi-mini-excavator.pdf

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