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Komatsu Dozer Serial Number Location


Serial Number Location for Komatsu Dozer

Models: D21A, D21P, D31EX, D31PX, D37EX, D37PX, D38E, D39EX, D39PX, D41E-6C, D41P-6C, D45A, D45P, D51EX, D51PX, D53A, D57S, D61EX-15, D61PX, D65EX, D65PX, D65WX, D68-ESS, D85EX-15, D85PX, D155AX-5B, D275AX-5, D335A-5, D375A, D475A, D555A-3, D575

Serial Number Examples: 4, 5 or 7 digits: 4581, G1030, P085567 17 digits: KMTHD030C29007641 2014, 17 digits: KMT0D122C01090489

VIN Number Location: Left outside of cab behind door area. On some 2010-2013 machines, on the front left side of the engine cover plate. On older models, in the cab behind the driverâ??s seat. VIN is stamped into rear of machine as shown by arrow along outer edge and may be covered by a black â??KOMATSUâ?? decal.

PDF version PDF Version: serial-number-komatsu-dozer.pdf

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