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Serial Number Location for Case Dozer

Models: 550G, 550H, 650E, 650G, 650H, 650L, 650M, 750L, 750M, 850B, 850C, 850D, 850E, 850G, 850H, 850L, 850M, 1150B, 1150C, 1150D, 1150E, 1150G, 1150H, 1150K, 1150L, 1150M, 1450B, 1550, 1650K, 1650L, 1850B, 1850C, 1850E, 1850K, 1850L, 1850M

Serial Number Examples: PRE 1988, 7 digits: 8480151 1988 - 2008, 10 digits: JJG0216015 2008 and up, 10 digits: N7DCA16000 2009 Italian Made: ZEF01850S00210100 2013, 9 digits: NDD070038

VIN Number Location: Right side of cab (when sitting) near floor. On 2008 and newer model 850 and up dozers the plate is attached up near the front on the left side high up near front handrail.

PDF version PDF Version: serial-number-case-dozer.pdf

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