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Locate a Serial Number on Your Construction Equipment

At ConEquip a serial number is needed to identify the proper parts for your equipment and our customers often ask "where do I find my serial number?". Because of this, we have put together a series of resources that will help you to locate your construction equipment serial number. The basis of the serial number location project is from the work of George Kleinsteiber and the OSWCA.

In addition to the efforts of those mentioned above our team at ConEquip (along with many of our loyal customers) were able to compile resources to aid in your machine identification. We have enhanced the information with accessible pages along with a printable PDF, machine pictures, and in many cases videos identifying the exact location of a serial number on your construction equipment (take a look at the Komatsu excavator example below).

If you are a local contractor who would like to share images or videos of the serial number location on your machine, please contact us here. We would love to share your resource with our audience of machine operators and part sellers.

Locating a serial on construction equipment