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Serial Number Location for Fiat Allis Dozer

Models: 8, 16, 16B, 650, FD10, FD40, FD195L, 10, 10B, 10C, 21, 21B, 21C, FD5, FD14C, FD50, FD255, 11, 31, FD7, FD20, FD80, HD9, 14, 41, FD9, FD30, FD175

Serial Number Examples: 12 digits: 20BC1T008020

VIN Number Location: On smaller models, on plate attached to firewall under dashboard in driverâ??s compartment, or on left side driverâ??s toolbox. On larger machines, may be on engine firewall, or stamped in to final drive case, at right rear of machine, under cab and just over top of track.

Note: Fiat Allis was absorbed into CNH Global and is now branded under New Holland Construction.

PDF version PDF Version: serial-number-fiat-allis-dozer.pdf

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