Volvo L350H Wheel Loader
According to Volvo, their L350H wheel loader got some performance upgrades including a more responsive hydraulic system that features new lift and tilt cylinders and increased hydraulic flow increasing work cycles.
Also improved, according to Volvo, is fuel efficiency.

The L350H is designed for heavy infrastructure, quarry and mining work.

Volvo says service intervals for the updated L350H are doubled to 1,000 hours for the engine and 4,000 for the axle oil change.  According to Volvo, the reason for extended maintenance on the axle is because of an axle oil cooler.

Volvo Construction EquipmentProduct manager Anteneh Gebremeskel told Equipment World the upgraded 540-gross-horsepower L350H has a more responsive hydraulics system, featuring new lift and tilt cylinders, and an increased hydraulic working pressure allowing for 10% faster work cycles and higher productivity. 

An upgraded driveline features new Volvo axles and Volvo transmission, which enables the third-generation OptiShift technology.

Gebremesekl says efficiency is further enhanced by an optimized gear shifting ratio and the new converter.

Volvo says customers can also upgrade to heavy-duty axles with fully floating shafts, planetary hub reduction and maintenance-free rear axle trunnion bearings.

Technology including Telematics and Load Assist improve efficiency and uptime with regular use.

Proper load weight is monitored by the On-Board Weighing app, providing real-time data for the bucket and payload.  The Operator Coaching Advanced app provides real-time data to operators improving performance.

Volvo says operators can configure the machine according to the job with a choice of three hydraulic modes, customizable lockup engagement and rimpull control, while the bucket-leveling function automatically returns the bucket to level, from both dump and curl positions.