Sal in all his glory!

Welcome back to "Digging Deeper" - our employee spotlight series at ConEquip Parts!

This month, we are thrilled to introduce one of our parts specialists, Sal, as our latest “Digging Deeper” employee! Sal has only been with us for about nine months now, but he has gone BEAST MODE during his time here! Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Sal:


    Born and raised on the west side of Buffalo, NY, Sal has been a “716er” since he was a child. When he is not at work helping you with parts, Sal will spend a lot of his free time cooking and fishing around western NY. Rumor has it that he once caught a fish so big, it needed its own zip code. When it comes to entertainment, Sal’s favorite movie is ‘American Gangster’ starring Denzel Washington. “My man.” He is an easy-going guy 99% of the time, but Sal would like to let everyone know that he was an all-state wrestler, so don’t push him too far if you don’t want to get suplexed! Consider this your friendly warning.

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Sal’s favorite quote:

"To truly laugh, one must be able to take their pain and play with it" - Charlie Chaplin

At ConEquip Parts, we extend our profound appreciation to Sal for his commitment and extraordinary contributions throughout his time here. Thank you for everything Sal!

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