Check Out The Volvo ECR25

The age of electric powered machines has been here for a couple decades now and technology is reaching construction sites.

Volvo has introduced the ECR25 mini excavator. Completely powered by electric, this machine has zero exhaust emissions, run quieter than diesel excavators, and has reduced energy costs.

Volvo says it also has less maintenance requirements than its diesel counterparts.

The obvious question is how much power does it put out and how long can you run the thing until you have to "plug it in" again?

The ECR25 mini excavator’s batteries store enough electric energy to power the machine for up to eight hours. On-board chargers allow owners to recharge overnight from household electrical sources. Volvo says fast-charge options can get the ECR25 back up to 80% power within an hour.

For those of you who understand excavator metrics, Volvo says the electric ECR25 has comparable performance levels to conventional diesel machines, including a digging depth of 9 ft. and breakout force of 5,020 lbf.

The ECR25 is expected to be available in early summer 2021. Customers can prebook their machine now at