Boston Construction

Boston officials passed a measure to ban fossil fuels used in new construction projects, as part of the state's fuel ban pilot program, signaling another step towards the ever-increasing effort by climate activists to stop the climate from changing. The measure would prevent construction companies from using machines that burn diesel fuel .

New projects not included in the measure are labs and hospitals. It's unclear why those two types of construction can use fossil fuels.

Opponents, like Councilor Frank Baker of Dorchester, said union workers, whose livelihoods would be impacted, need to have a chance to express what a sudden shift to "clean energy" will mean to them.

“I don’t disagree about de-carbonizing our buildings, but it needs to be done gradual,” he said.

The only hearing on the measure was held without officials from National Grid or workers' unions including gas. plumbers, and pipefitters.

Baker also says the measure will drive up development costs and discourage developers from wanting to bid on Boston projects.

Some officials are concerned about how the measure could impact housing availability and prices.

The Town of West Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard is considering withdrawing from the pilot program because it does not meet the law’s requirement that 10% of its housing stock be considered affordable to take part.

The pilot program is a piece of the state’s plan to meet clean energy goals, which includes achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

New York City, the largest city in the nation, is on track to ban fossil fuels from new construction beginning in 2024.