Final Drive Rebuild Process

When you need to replace your excavator’s final drive, an option is a rebuilt drive.  What exactly do you get when you invest in a rebuilt final drive?  Here is a look at what you should expect.

The process starts with a core that has been designated rebuildable.  A core is rebuildable if it has no cracks or other signs of excessive wear.

The core is then prepped for the work with a good cleaning by hand. The tech goes over the entire drive, scraping away dirt, debris, and loose metal fragments. They will also use this time to inspect the drive again for flaws. 

After all debris is cleaned off the core, it is put into a wash cabinet.  This is like a dish washer for final drives.  After the wash cycle, the final drive core comes out spanking clean.

Next, the final drive is carefully disassembled and all the internal parts are inspected, cleaned, and restored to their original condition.  When this process is complete, the parts are as good as new.

 The parts are then assembled again.  As the tech puts the final drive back together, any part that doesn’t meet a specific standard is replaced by a new part.  Bearings and seals are always replaced with new ones.  

The drive then goes through strict quality control bench testing.  If the drive does not meet minimum standards, it will not pass for sale.  

The drive then goes back into the wash cabinet for one more cleaning before receiving a fresh coat of paint.

Once dry, the final drive is packed and stored, ready for sale.

In most cases, a rebuilt final drive will receive a six month warranty.