A Komatsu and CAT excavator side by side.

CAT vs. Komatsu Excavators: What's Better?

CAT Excavators

  • CAT has an excellent track record and a long history of making excavators.

  • Their parts are usually from overseas but on hand in the states.

  • Their mini excavator line is smaller than Komatsu's, making them more appealing for someone looking to get a lightweight, quick machine.

  • CAT excavators tend to have superior turning radii and prove to be better at digging deeper.

Komatsu Excavators

  • The price of Komatsu excavators is considerably lower than CAT for comparable machines, whether you are renting or buying.

  • Repair records show that Komatsu excavators are in the shop less than their CAT counterparts, leading to increased savings over the life of the machine.

  • Komatsu's mini excavator line has higher horsepower than CAT's.

  • Komatsu offers more options for mining applications.

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