A diagram of a track adjuster spring assembly

What are the parts of a track adjuster?

Track Adjuster Basics

  1. Track Spring
  2. Hydraulic Cylinder
  3. Grease or Lube Nipple
  4. Yoke
  5. Seals and Gaskets

Track Spring

Responsible for:

  • Holding tension in the track assembly.
  • Holds the track in place, so that it does not slip off and cause a mess.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Responsible for:

  • Working in conjunction with the spring to apply pressure and push the yoke forward.

Grease or Lube Nipple

Responsible for:

  • Lubing the hydraulic cylinder.
  • Proper lubrication prevents issues like friction and premature wear of the cylinder, which can lead to a malfunction of the adjuster, and cause worse problems.


Responsible for:

  • Connecting and facilitating the function of the track adjuster. This is the component that pushes on the idler wheel, keeping the track tensioned.

Seals and Gaskets

Responsible for:

  • Preventing dust and grime from getting into the hydraulic cylinder.
  • Preventing leaks and ensuring that the hydraulic fluid stays IN the cylinder.

What could go wrong on a Track Adjuster?

  • The springs themselves can crack, due to age, rust, or regular wear and tear.
  • The seal kit can start leaking, allowing grime into the cylinder, or letting all the fluid out.
  • The nut on the end of the track adjuster keeps everything contained in the component, if this gets loose, it could cause the entire adjuster to EXPLODE, since the spring is under immense pressure.
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