Whether you have an excavator, bulldozer, or other machine with tracks, maintaining your undercarriage is important to keeping your machine moving along the ground nicely. Here are some tips to keeping your undercarriage working right. It begins with your operator. The way the machine is moved can make a difference in how much punishment the undercarriage takes. Skilled operators avoid side-hill positioning that puts stress on components. They also reduce speed based on ground conditions. A walk-around check can catch potential problems before they cause too much damage. Look for cracks, leaks, loose components, and other defects. Operators should also turn machines on and put them through a series of motions to ensure the undercarriage is transitioning smoothly, and without making concerning noises. Keep your tracks clean. Getting debris and clumps of dirt and mud will help prevent excessive wear and tear. Power wash the tracks on a regular basis, and always remove large rocks that get stuck in the tracks. Keep the undercarriage greased up nice. Using the right type and amount of grease is also important. Grease keeps bushings on the frames from wearing down and also pushes out dirt from the tracks. Check grease levels before using the machine. The right track tension for an undercarriage varies by the particular model of machine and the ground conditions. Pay attention to the machine manual for machine settings on tension and maintenance. Consistently adjusting and testing your tension will extend life of the track system and improve performance.