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Excavator Part Diagram

Excavator part diagram

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Parts Included in Diagram

  • Dipper, Arm, Stick, Crowd Cylinder
  • Bucket Cylinder
  • H-Link
  • Bucket
  • Side Link, Dog Bones
  • Dipper, Stick, Arm
  • Boom Cylinder
  • Boom
  • Car Body
  • Track Pad, Grouser Pad
  • Sprocket
  • Front Idler
  • Swing Reducer, Swing Drive & Motor
  • Track Adjuster, Tensioner
  • Bottom Roller
  • Track Chain, Rails
  • Travel Motor, Drive Motor, Propel Motor
  • Final Drive, Reduction Assembly
  • Top Carrier Roller
  • Swing Gear, Swing Bearing
  • Main Hydraulic Pump
  • Main Control Valve
  • Engine
  • Cab, ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure)

There are a lot of parts to know on an excavator and a nice little reference sheet can be very helpful for new hires in your business. The diagram above will help to describe the name of the part you are looking for.

If you are calling ConEquip for replacement parts for your excavator, being able to describe what you need will save us both a lot of time and effort. When calling any company seeking excavator parts (new, used, or aftermarket) it is a good idea to have the part number, machine make and model, and serial number to ensure you are discussing the correct part. (Construction equipment serial number locations)

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