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We supply Final Drives for heavy equipment makes, including Case, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Deere, Bobcat, Kobelco, Volvo or any other make or model.

Heavy Equipment Final Drives
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Heavy Equipment Final Drives
Excavator Final Drives

Final Drives and Travel Motors

At ConEquip Parts, we place a heavy emphasis on our knowledge of final drives, and we possess a vast range of suppliers from which we can provide you the best deal. Final Drives and Travel Motors are crucial components to keep any heavy equipment working efficiently, and ConEquip is the one to call for any need.

ConEquip Parts has been offering new aftermarket, rebuilt, and OEM Final Drives paired with excellent customer service since 2008. Our trained parts specialists have exclusive access to manufacturers parts books and can identify the correct Final Drives for your machine.

CTL & MTL Final Drives

Our Parts Specialists are experienced in both off set gear reduction and planetary gear reduction final drives and can provide whichever type it is you need.

  • Industry Experience: Established in 2008, ConEquip Parts has cultivated relationships with over 3,000 carefully vetted parts suppliers.
  • Supplier Network: Our extensive network includes aftermarket factories and parts warehouses, ensuring a diverse selection of high-quality components.
  • Salvaged Parts: Offering a wide range of high-quality Salvaged and Used Parts, ConEquip Parts provides cost-effective solutions for equipment maintenance.
  • Final Drives: The Final Drives we supply are meticulously engineered to meet the highest standards of durability and performance.
  • Trusted Sources: Committed to quality, ConEquip exclusively sources parts from trusted and well-vetted warehouses, factories, and salvage yards.
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This list highlights ConEquip Parts' comprehensive supplier network, emphasizing quality assurance and reliability in providing Final Drives and other heavy equipment components.

Leading Final Drives Supplier

ConEquip supplies all the popular final drive manufactures including, Hy-Trac, Hy-dash, Dyco, Bonfiglioli, FDC, Tiejin Sieki, Tong Myung, SOM, Kayaba, Rexroth and more.

Featured Partners

Approved Partners Dyco and FDC

Breaking Down Final Drives

The heartbeats of heavy machinery, such as excavators, mini excavators, compact track loaders (CTL), crawler loaders, dozers are their final drive motors. They channel the necessary power for propelling track movement, underpinning the operations of construction equipment. Addressing issues in the final drives of excavators promptly is paramount to shield the intricate machinery's systems from potential damage. While DIY repairs or replacements can seem tempting, the nuances of diagnosing problems can prove intricate. Enter ConEquip Parts.

Our seasoned part specialists boast an advanced access network to parts, complemented by expertise derived from manufacturer-specific parts books. This fusion of resources and knowledge equips us to cater to your final drive requirements with speed, economy, and unwavering reliability.

From a precise standpoint, "final drives" and "travel motors" aren't synonymous terms. In certain contexts, the travel motor might be viewed as a component of the final drive. While the final drive can denote the amalgamation of the hydraulic motor and planetary gear hub, it might also pertain solely to the gear hub. Conversely, the travel motor is specifically the hydraulic motor.

The most common reasons why a final drive and travel motors fail are issues with the main bearings, gears and gear bearings, upper and lower shafts, gear plates, and seals.

The primary culprit behind final drive or travel motor malfunctions is an underperforming charge pump. When the charge pump lacks strength, it falls short in generating sufficient hydraulic pressure to disengage the internal brake. This situation can be likened to operating with the emergency brake engaged. A distinctive sign is an audible squealing sound accompanied by limited machine mobility. The concerning aspect of a subpar charge pump is that even if you substitute the faulty final drive with a new one without addressing the pump, the new drive risks damage as well.

Consistent upkeep, encompassing timely inspections and substitutions of the case drain filter, can significantly enhance the longevity of final drives and ward off potential damage.

Experience and Reputation

Experience and Reputation

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Customer Reviews

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