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We supply Hydraulic Pumps for heavy equipment machines, including Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Dozers, Articulated Trucks or any other heavy equipment machine.

Heavy Equipment Machines Hydraulic Pumps
Main Hydraulic Pump
Heavy Equipment Gear Pumps
Gear Pump
Heavy Equipment Piston Pumps
Piston Pump
Heavy Equipment Machines Hydraulic Pumps
Main Hydraulic Pump

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Popular Hydraulic Pump Models:

  • 4633472
  • RE33603
  • 11117047
  • 9195235
  • 9227923
  • 9260885
  • AR101288
  • AT103944
  • AT172900
  • AT331223
  • 07430-72203
  • 107-8136
  • 11054236
  • 11707966
  • 143-9722
  • 157-6081
  • 204-4996
  • 2625203
  • 266-7944
  • 398-7456
  • 4633472
  • 6Y-3864
  • 705-52-20240
  • 705-56-36040
  • 708-2G-00320
  • 708-2L-00400
  • 708-3M-00030
  • 708-3T-00262
  • 87434673
  • 9168808
  • 9268632
  • 9T6857
  • 9W5426
  • AR101117
  • AT179792
  • AT224355
  • AT327079
  • AT354782
  • AT368966
  • AT501973
Heavy Equipment Gear Pump

Gear Pumps

  • Complete Gear Pump Assembly
  • Plug Kit
  • Seal Kit
  • Seal O Ring
Heavy Equipment Piston Pump

Piston Pumps

  • Complete Piston Pump Assembly
  • Piston Kit
  • Rotating Group
  • Seal Kit
  • Shaft
  • Swash Plate
Heavy Equipment Vane Pump

Vane Pumps

  • Bearing
  • Cartridge Assembly
  • Complete Vane Pump Assembly
  • Plug Kit
  • Seal Kit
  • Shaft- Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic Pumps for Heavy Equipment Machines

At ConEquip Parts, we pride ourselves as the top-tier supplier of Hydraulic Pumps for Heavy Equipment Machines. Our comprehensive range of top-quality new aftermarket, used, and even salvaged heavy equipment parts sets us apart in the industry. We serve a broad spectrum of customers, from individuals to companies with a full fleet of equipment, and offer our exceptional parts at competitive prices. One of our distinguishing features is our commitment to fast shipping times. We understand the critical importance of limiting downtime for our customers and prioritize shipping to get them back to work as soon as possible.

Our staff's expertise is another pillar of our strength. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable about all heavy equipment machines. This, coupled with our exclusive access to manufacturers' parts books, empowers us to pinpoint the correct hydraulic pump for your machine efficiently and accurately. Beyond that, we are equipped to supply some parts that even the dealer cannot source, which cements our position as a reliable, all-encompassing parts provider. Do not hesitate to contact us for all your heavy equipment parts needs at 1-716-836-5069.

Affordable and Highly Durable Hydraulic Pumps

  • Inception: ConEquip's journey began in 2008, marking a solid foundation for our expertise and service.
  • Diverse Sourcing: With ties to over 3,000 trusted parts suppliers, we offer a comprehensive array of top-notch Salvaged and Used Parts.
  • Multiple Hydraulic Pump Types: We supply Piston Pumps, Gear Pumps, and Vane Pumps, for your equipment.
  • Exemplary Performance: Expect nothing short of superior durability and performance from the Hydraulic Pumps we provide.
  • Reliability: We exclusively procure parts from reputable warehouses, aftermarket factories, and salvage yards, ensuring unmatched quality and reliability.
  • Request a Quote: Simply complete our user-friendly quote form to procure Hydraulic Pumps promptly: Parts Quote Request.

Request a quote for a heavy equipment Hydraulic Pump with our Parts Quote Request, or call now to speak to a parts specialist at 1-716-836-5069 to get the parts you need at competitive prices.

Breaking Down Hydraulic Pumps

There are primarily two categories of hydraulic pumps in excavators: gear pumps and piston pumps.

  1. Gear Pumps: Predominantly found in excavators, these pumps feature a pair of interlocking gears, typically crafted from steel or cast iron, situated within a casing. Their operation is based on the rotation of these gears, which induces a suction, pulling hydraulic fluid.
  2. Piston Pumps: These are preferred for excavators necessitating a higher hydraulic output. The principle behind them involves the use of reciprocating pistons to produce hydraulic energy.
  3. Vane pumps: Vane pumps are another popular choice in excavators due to their compact size, efficiency, and ability to handle a wide range of operating speeds. These pumps consist of a rotor with vanes that slide in and out of machined slots inside the pump housing, creating a vacuum and pressure. They are commonly used in both medium-sized and large excavators.

Axial and Radial piston pumps are ideal for excavators that require high power output and high-pressure capabilities, such as large-sized earth-moving tasks.

  1. Axial Piston Pumps: This type features pistons organized in a circular manner around a core shaft. Their function relies on the pistons reciprocating along the shaft's axis. This movement draws and expels hydraulic fluid, yielding hydraulic energy.
  2. Radial Piston pumps: work by pushing pistons outwards from the center to generate pressure. The pistons move in radial grooves inside the housing, creating a pumping action. Radial piston pumps are known for their ability to generate high pressures reliably, which makes them suitable for heavy-duty excavator applications.

The hydraulic pump of an excavator is an essential part of heavy equipment machines, such as excavators, which are designed for digging, gathering, and hoisting materials like dirt, stones, and snow. The hydraulic pump transforms mechanical energy into hydraulic force that powers different systems in the excavator, such as the arm, boom, and bucket. This ensures meticulous control over the machine's maneuvers.

  1. Diminished Speed
  2. A decline in your pump's performance can be a clear indicator of impending failure. To verify reduced speed, measure the pump's flow rate or operating pace.

  3. Atypical Noises
  4. Typically, hydraulic pumps operate quietly. However, when their parts experience wear, they can emit unusual noises, often due to issues like hydraulic aeration or cavitation.

  5. Leaks, Both Internal and External
  6. Oil may seep within the pump via the valves or actuators or externally due to a ruptured hose. Such leaks compromise the consistent flow of the liquid, leading to a decrease in the system's pressure.

  7. Elevated Fluid Temperature
  8. During regular maintenance, inspect for contaminants in the fluid, like excessive dirt accumulation in the reservoir. If dirt piles up excessively, it can hinder adequate airflow, making the reservoir ineffective at dispersing heat.

Excavators utilize hydraulic pumps to facilitate the array of hydraulic actions essential for effective performance. The selection between gear pumps, vane pumps, piston pumps (including axial and radial types), and variable displacement pumps is determined by the excavator's distinct needs. Depending on whether the priority is achieving high flow velocities, managing hefty weights, producing elevated pressures, or maximizing energy efficiency, the appropriate hydraulic pump guarantees dependable and proficient functioning across varied applications and sectors.

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