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CASE Wheel Loader

Parts for Case Heavy Equipment

As you already know, wheel loaders prove to be extremely useful machines on the construction site and that is never more apparent than when your wheel loader breaks down. Common maintenance items and replacement parts are crucial to keeping you up and running. This is when we, your friends at ConEquip, enter to assure you get your replacement parts as soon as possible.

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Our same-day shipping and warranties offered by the manufacturer have helped ConEquip become your most reliable option for equipment parts.

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Case Wheel Loader Models
W Series
  • W10
  • W10B
  • W10C
  • W10E
  • W11B
  • W12
  • W14
  • W14B
  • W14C
  • W14FL
  • W14H
  • W18
  • W18B
  • W20
  • W20B
  • W20C
  • W24
  • W24B
  • W24C
  • W26B
  • W30
  • W36
521-921 Series
  • 521D
  • 521E
  • 521F
  • 621
  • 621B
  • 621C
  • 621E
  • 621D
  • 621F
  • 721B
  • 721
  • 721C
  • 721D
  • 721E
  • 721F
  • 821
  • 821B
  • 821C
  • 821E
  • 821F
  • 921
  • 921B
  • 921C
  • 921E
  • 921F
Case Wheel Loader