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Videos from ConEquip

At ConEquip, we have a multimedia/video production specialist in-house. Because of that, we are able to put together some interesting content for our customers and their families. We have a number of video channels available and each is a bit different. If you are in search of some funny "Fun at Work" videos, construction fail compilations, or just a nice construction related video to park your toddler in front of to be entertained in a family friendly way, we have it all. In fact, we even have some informational videos for you. I know, I know... crazy talk.

For Your Enjoyment

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ConEquip World

ConEquip world is an original web series from ConEquip parts that focuses on some of our success in helping our customers to find a particular part (parts stories). In addition, we share some of the culture at ConEquip. We work hard and have fun at the office. I am sure you will be able to see that for yourself. Enjoy.

ConEquip "Fun at Work"

We like to have some fun at ConEquip. Whether it is celebrating a big sale, welcoming a new hire, or blowing off some steam, the team at ConEquip knows how to have fun in the workplace

Construction Equipment Fails

Usually the fault of the operator, sometimes the equipment... either way, construction fail videos are fun to watch and can actually be helpful to be sure you avoid operating your heavy equipment in the same way

ConEquip for Kids

Rest assured that we have compiled and produced construction related videos, and storytime videos for the kids.

ConEquip Big Machines

Just look at the size of some of these monster pieces of construction equipment

Customer Videos

When a customer has a video to share that demonstrates a machine or a part (especially in the case of an engine) we will often share the video with a prospective customer. From our experience, these videos can be helpful for others in search of the same item or in search of an image of "what it is supposed to look like".


Final Drive Oil Level Check

Our resident final drive expert, Ben K., demonstrates how you check your final drive fluid level (oil level). Ben demonstrates how to check the levels properly and safely.

In addition, Ben demonstrates where you will find your final drive part number and serial number.

At ConEquip, we pride ourselves with being final drive experts and have sources around the globe for high quality final drives that can ship today. In fact, we are able to offer free shipping for many final drive models. Ask your sales rep today.

Call for Final Drives: 1-716-836-5069

Video with transcript


Excavator Track Sizing

Sizing the rubber tracks for your excavator can be a little confusing. Ben, from ConEquip Parts, gives you a simple demonstration of how to properly determine the size of your rubber tracks for your excavator, or mini-excavator.

If you are still unclear on how to size your excavator track, call us at the number listed below. We'll gladly walk you through the process.

Call for Rubber Tracks:

Video with transcript


ConEquip Parts & Equipment Commercial

When it comes to parts for your construction equipment, speed is everything. ConEquip understands that and works as quickly as possible to ensure your parts ship quickly and arrive on time.

At ConEquip, we consider downtime as the enemy!

Call for Parts: 1-716-836-5069


Excavator Bucket Teeth

As many of you know, Al and Ben enjoy having fun and keeping things lighthearted. This video certainly speaks to that.


Call for Parts: 1-716-836-5069