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Used Parts and the Parts Broker

Getting parts from a salvaged machine may be your only option if the part is discontinued. In that situation it is important to have a relationship with a trustworthy parts supplier or parts broker.

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"You definitely need to be diligent to avoid those fly-by-night junk yards," says ConEquip owner Al Alexander.

Getting verbal assurance from a salvage company that the used part is "like new" isn’t enough, especially when the part shows ups and there is a tree growing out of it.

"We have an extensive database of salvage yards and over the years we have weeded out the ones we don't trust."

A lot of the risk is reduced or completely eliminated when working with a parts broker as they will assume the responsibility when problems arise with the used parts they secure.

"We do what we can to satisfy the customer we have a good used part for them, send photos when possible, have the part inspected, and then offer a warranty. If there’s a problem with the part, we don’t hesitate getting it back, replacing it, or giving our customer their money back," says Anthony Murty a Sales Specialist at ConEquip Parts.

If the part you are looking for isn’t discontinued, you really need to consider other options like rebuilt or aftermarket before buying a used part.

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Though you may be able to save significant money in the short term, you need to think about your operation expenses down the road. The used final drive might last a couple years but if it goes out in six months, was it really worth the 40% you saved?

Another option could be aftermarket. The difference in price between used OEM and new aftermarket could be significant. New aftermarket parts often cost less than a used OEM part.

For instance, the OEM list price for a Case CX225SR final drive part number KBA10060 is $17,594. An aftermarket final drive from a reputable company sells for about $9,000.

The cost for that same final drive in used condition would cost between $7,000 to $12,000.

One of our parts specialists can help you that used part today.