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Used Excavators - 5 Things to Check Before Buying

Before you spend any money on a used excavator, there are many areas to inspect. Here are five crucial areas to check first - before writing out that check!

  1. A damaged swing bearing is costly and can render your machine useless
    It’s one of the most expensive parts of an excavator. When checking out a used machine, be sure to rotate the cab to a quarter turn and check for any play or movement in the slew ring.
  2. Look for play or movement at the connection points of the boom, stick and bucket as well
    Pins and bushings should be tight. Any loose connections, especially at the connection points between the excavator stick and bucket, could spell trouble.
  3. It may seem like common sense, but check for cracks
    They are never a good sign. Welds often don’t hold for long. You definitely don’t want to see them between the boom and stick or stick and bucket. Cracks or significant bends could mean the excavator'™s structure is compromised. Expect to replace the boom or stick, and they’re not cheap or, depending on the model, may not be available anymore.
  4. Look for leaks in the hydraulic pump compartment
  5. Check the hoses, lines and cylinders
    Getting back to the swing bearing, check for leaks there too.
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Used Excavator Buying Tips

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