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5 Top Backhoe Models for Used Parts

Picking a backhoe model that has high availability of used parts will save you in the long run

If you have a backhoe and need parts, depending on what model you own, finding used parts may be a challenge. Or, perhaps you own a backhoe where finding used parts is no hassle at all. If you're in the market for a backhoe, knowing which models are "used parts" friendly can go a long way in helping you make a decision on what model to buy.

Here is a list of the top five backhoe models for which ConEquip Parts regularly sells used parts to our base of customers. These are oftentimes the backhoe models that are most likely to be found in salvage yards.

A marketplace of used Case 580C Backhoes for sale

  1. CASE 580K

    Case leads the way when it comes to used backhoe parts. Firsts we have the 580K. ConEquip Parts gets dozens of calls every week for the machine. There's something about the 580K people love, and they want to keep the machines going. Dozens of Case 580K models are being parted out across the country at any given time with good used parts waiting to be salvaged.

  2. CASE 580C

    ConEquip Parts gets called every day for used parts on the Case 580C. This backhoe is a popular choice for construction owners. Popular parts sold used for this machine include the hydraulic cylinders, loader valves, and the rims. Dozens of Case 580C models are being salvaged across the country.

  3. CASE 580SL

    Used parts for the Case 580SL are also in high demand at ConEquip Parts with hydraulic cylinders and machine frame parts being the most common used parts sold. Again, there are dozens of these models being salvaged at any given time.

  4. DEERE 310 & 410 MODELS

    John Deere sneaks into the list but needs a little teamwork to do so. ConEquip gets plenty of calls each week for 310 and 410 backhoe model lines. Much needed used parts on this machine include axle parts, hydraulic cylinders, and swing frames. Most common machines owners need and find used backhoe parts for include the 310C, 310D, 310E, the 410, 410B, and the 410C.

  5. CAT 416C

    Finally, owners of the CAT 416C are often on the hunt for used backhoe parts. ConEquip gets a lot of calls for cab components on the 416C. There are dozens of CAT 416C models being parted out across the country.

The leading backhoe makes with limited used parts availability include Komatsu, Volvo, JCB, and Ford. However, ConEquip has suppliers for used and rebuilt parts that are often difficult to locate. Contact a parts specialist today.

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