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What site would be complete without a top 10 list?

Since everyone likes a top 10 list regardless of whether or not they have legitimate empirical value, we here at ConEquip decided to release our top final drive brands with the help of final drive expert Todd Resser of Southwest Equipment parts. From OEM to aftermarket, here is our list.

  • 10. Brevini - This drive is found in many industries but not much else.
  • 9. Carraro - Like the Brevini, the Carraro has a diverse portfolio, again, not much else.
  • 8. Daikin - This is a Japanese drive that is pricy. Support for this drive is sketchy.
  • 7. Nachi - This Japanese drive is a strong drive but only fits mini excavators.
  • 6. Eaton - This is a solid drive at a good price.
  • 5. Hytrac - This final drive maker based in the United Kingdom has very good quality, excellent support, and fits most mini and mid-sized excavators.
  • 4. Doosan - Formerly Tong Myung, these drives have competitive pricing and good product support.
  • 3. Bonfiglioli - This drive out of Italy has diversity, fits machines big and small, and the price is good. Not to mention it has the best name in the industry!
  • 2. Kayaba - This Japanese drive with excellent quality control, a superior hydraulic motor design and performance.
  • 1. Nabetsco - Not to be confused with Nabisco, this Japanese drive has excellent quality control, product support, a superior product with a proven track record of longevity and ongoing research and development.

"Nabtesco is the result of the joining together of Nabco and Teijin Seiki (aka Hy-Dash) Both of those companies in Japan had groundbreaking designs in the final drive MFR world," according to Resser.

Resser says with the excellent research and development of the two innovative powerhouses, it puts Nabetsco at number one on the list.

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Top Final Drive Brands