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Should I Buy Used Parts for my Construction Equipment

Many machine owners across the country buy used construction equipment to save money. If you have bought used parts before, you know the risk involved. The part can work perfectly or end up being a complete nightmare.

There are a few things to consider before investing in a used part including what type of part it is, availability, options, the OEM list price of the part, and of course who you are getting the part from.

Parts can be as simple as a solid piece of steel like a bell crank or a bucket to an intricately engineered part like a final drive or transmission.

When getting a used part, try to get a photo of it. With today’s technology, the seller can take a quick pic by phone and send it to you in seconds. When you get the photos, pay attention to areas of concern where the part is worn down the most.

used parts

For instance, with gears pay close attention to the teeth or splines.

used parts welds and threads

For attachment parts it will be pinholes. Look for cracks and signs of welding. Most new phones give you the ability to zoom in on the photo with remarkable clarity.

used final drive inspection

When it comes to parts like final drives, transmissions, main pumps, hydrostatic motors, and engines a photo won’t provide enough information about its condition however, if it doesn’t even pass the eyeball test, additional info may not even be necessary.

Since a photo won’t tell the tale for parts like final drives, it is not outrageous to ask the seller to send a video of the part in action if it’s still on the machine. If the seller sounds hesitant, that alone can be enough to decide against going ahead with the transaction.

Getting parts from a salvaged machine may be your only option if the part is discontinued. In that situation it is important to have a relationship with a trustworthy parts supplier or parts broker.

Again, you need to consider many factors, not just price, before you buy a construction part used. What the part is, the availability, other options, the OEM list price, and where the part is coming from should all be investigated before making a decision. Contacting a reputable parts locator can quickly and efficiently help you answer those questions.

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