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Promotions at ConEquip Parts


We love giving money away! Actually, we don't love it, but our customers do. Since the customer is always right, we are going to keep doing it (until our CFO asks us to stop).

  • Double Down - 2 @ $1,000 giveaway (Summer 2021). The winner of this promotion will be selected on 7/2/2021.
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Past Winners

Redneckin' It - $5,000 giveaway (Spring 2021)

Our Redneckin' It promotion was a really good one. It even stirred up a little push back from customers and employees who considered Redneckin' a derogatory term. We consider it the spirit of "Gettin' It Done". Our customers do an incredible job of getting the job done no matter the circumstances. Many worked through shutdowns that occured in 2020 and came out of it stronger than ever.

Ben had the pleasure of awarding the $5,000 prize to a long term customer "Deep Creek Grading" from Hemmingway, South Carolina.

WIC - Winter is Coming - $5,000 giveaway (Fall/Winter of 2020)

Our "Winter is Coming" promotion in the fall of 2020 was our first major giveaway. I am not sure we realized how much of an impact that a nice giveaway can make in the life of a small business. The drawing couldn't have gone better with the winner operating a piece of construction equipment while he was awarded the prize. The winner was Gustafson LLC from Mason Michigan.

$1,000 Fall Giveaway

We decided to try a promotion that gave $1,000 on account to a customer who entered to win. This was our first substantial giveaway and was proof that it was worth giving something back to customers along the way.

We didn't have a theme for this original promotion but we still had fun when Scott handed out $1,000 to his customer "Randy".