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Case Backhoe Cylinders

Case is well known in the backhoe industry for their quality designs and reliability and have become a popular choice by contractors over the past 50 years. That's not to say that problems can't occur. A broken or faulty hydraulic cylinder could render your machine useless. ConEquip Parts can locate any cylinder you need.

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Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Stick Cylinder
  • Backhoe Bucket Cylinder
  • Backhoe Boom Cylinder
  • Loader Tilt Cylinder
  • Loader Lift Cylinder
  • Swing Cylinder
  • Stabilizer Cylinder

Warranties on Backhoe Cylinders

We are proud to offer new aftermarket cylinders that are made in the USA. All cylinders meet or exceed Case OEM backhoe cylinder specs and performance and come with a one-year warranty. Any cylinders supplied from outside of the USA go through a vetting process to ensure quality.

Cylinder Rebuild Parts

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits
  • Cylinder Rods
  • Cylinder Barrels
  • Cylinder Glands

If you aren't sure what type of cylinder you are looking for, our parts specialists can help. We have access to the Case parts book and can identify exactly what you need. Give us a call today!

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Case Backhoe Cylinder Video Transcript

All up in here! Hey, my name is Ben Krentz, owner of ConEquip Parts and today we're going to be doing ConEquip 101.

We're gonna talk about hydraulic cylinders. Might sound simple, easy to some but you know what we've found that actually it can be a bit confusing and there's some issues sometimes. So, on today's episode, I'm gonna walk you through a bunch of different hydraulic cylinders. Follow me this way.

There's some issues and conflicts that happen with hydraulic cylinders and understanding what the actual name of it is so here's a rule of thumb, whatever the hydraulic cylinder controls, that is the name of it. Right this way! Phew! That was a long walk! This cylinder right here, this connects and runs the function of the bucket. Therefore, the cylinder is called a bucket cylinder. So, this is called the rod this is called the barrel.

So we move on up and if you can see way up top here, Steve, can you follow me up here buddy?! All the way up here, all the way up in here! Up in here! Hopefully you can see that in there. That cylinder extends the whole part to give you a longer and deeper dig depth. Now that is an option on backhoes, not all machines have them.

Next, what am i standing on? Here's one of the issues, some people think, well, it's on the boom, it must be the boom cylinder. But what was the rule of thumb that we talked about in the beginning? What function does it control? Well, this actually chrome rod part coming up connects to the good old stick also known as the dipper. So, this would be the dipper cylinder all up in here.

Next, we got the boom cylinder. We call them the bada boom cylinders. Kind of hidden, sometimes on backhoes. Again, the function, as a rule of thumb, it controls the boom to go up and down. Guys like to say, well, it's the cylinder closest to the cab. Down at the base of our swing frame, we got a cylinder here and also another cylinder on the other side. So what function does this control? Well, it swings the hoe part back and forth also known as the swing cylinder.

One more up here for the rear. Stabilizer cylinder. Up and down up and down! Make my machine stable! Once in a while there are left and right hand sides that do make a difference but at ConEquip Parts we do have to offer aftermarket which at that point it's not going to matter. You can use it on either side.

We have a couple more hydraulic cylinders up front here. What do we have, oh let's start right up here. Connected to the boom, however, what is the function? Goes all the way down, oh, that looks like it tilts the bucket, that must be a tilt cylinder. And sure enough it is. On the back side, as you can see right and through here, we've got a cylinder that connects to the lift arms or the lift frame so we call it the lift cylinder. So this particular backhoe has a four in one bucket or a clam bucket as they call. It sometimes, so this portion opens up and in order to do that they need hydraulic cylinders on the bucket to actually make that function happen.

So if we look on the back side of the bucket here you go, here's our hydraulic cylinder. Same looking one on the other side. Alright, so this is connected to the bucket and its function is to open and close the bucket therefore, it's called a bucket cylinder. Now we obviously talked about a bucket cylinder earlier so when you're calling in to us you need to make sure that we confirm with you, are you talking about the whole part bucket cylinder? Or the front loader part bucket cylinder.

So that's going to wrap up the episode of ConEquip 101. Thanks for calling us. 1-888-983-7847. Be more than happy to help you out with new, used, aftermarket, rebuilt, whatever is in your budget and whatever you guys need in order to make your machine up and running. We're here to help! Peace out til next time!