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Text a Part Request

One of the best developments in the part industry has been the rapid adoption of smart phones (camera phones). A smart phone allows someone with an equipment breakdown to get immediate help and allows the individual in the field to lend a hand when finding the exact part needed. A common problem in the aftermarket part industry can occur when an end user fails to identify the exact part needed. Often times a part number can be misread or the position on the machine can be reversed. In some cases, a part could arrive that looks nothing like the part it is replacing.

To alleviate this, a communication via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) allows an end user to photo and share the image with a part supplier ensuring that the part ordered or quoted is the exact part for his or her machine. Incorrect part issues still occur, but photographic proof can ensure that the financial burden for an incorrect order falls to a part supplier rather than to you.

To begin a parts quote with ConEquip via MMS, you can begin by clicking on the following link, or by creating a message to 716-836-5069. This message will reach a person handling our switchboard who will hand it off to the ideal part specialist for response.

Begin MMS Communication with ConEquip Parts & Equipment

1) Create a Message to 1-716-836-5069

text your part request with pictures.

2) Include your name and the part number you are searching for

Text part details

It is generally best to include the Machine Make, Machine Model, Serial Number, and Part Number.

3) Once your text is received, your parts specialist will reply.

Text part image

At this point, your specialist will reply with a request for additional information and/or request that you take a photo of the part in need.

We strongly encourage the photo to assist with the fastest search for your part.

One of the nicer aspects of handling a parts request via text message is that you will retain your history with your parts specialist and ensure you are getting the correct part for your machine. Since we have the ability to send and receive images, we will be able to provide you with images from our parts book lookups in the event that there is some uncertainty regarding a part or component.