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Mauricio Almendarez - Parts Specialist

Mauricio Almendarez ConEquip Parts

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Mauricio Almendarez is a parts specialist at ConEquip.

Q & A with Mauricio

How long you've been at ConEquip? Since May of 2015

What town/village you live in now? South Buffalo, NY

Where are you from originally? Hudson, NY

Family (wife & kids, etc.)? I have an amazing girlfriend,no kids. I have 1 sister and 2 brothers. Awesome parents

Any interests or personal hobbies? Currently play on a Men's Rec. Soccer team. Also played in college. I enjoy playing golf.

Any relevant previous work experience? I previously did Inside Sales/Material Manager for an Elevator company.

"Working for Conequip so far has been a blessing. I'm looking forward to contributing different techniques and adding more clients through my (Spanish) communication skills."

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