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John Deere - Hitachi Machine Match Chart

If you own a John Deere or Hitachi excavator you already know - or should know - many models cross over to each other. The relationship makes it easier for many owners of excavators of either Deere or Hitachi get replacement parts.

John Deere Hitachi Model Chart

In 1988 the companies formed with a primary focus on the regions of North, South, and Central America with the headquarters in Kernersville, North Carolina.

"Many customers call us needing parts for Deere or Hitachi machines and don't even realize their machine crosses over," says Anthony Murty, Parts Specialist at ConEquip Parts.

Knowing what your Deere or Hitachi machine crosses over to will help when it comes time to find replacement parts. Here is a list of many models that cross over to each other.

John Deere


70 UH033
490 UH063
595 WH073D
790 UH103
792 UH143
70D EX60
290D EX90
590D EX150
595D EX160WD
790DLC EX220
892DLC EX300
992DLC EX400
190E EX60-2
490E EX120-2
490E (SN 025000 UP) EX120-3
200LC EX200-5
790ELC EX220-2
790ELC (SN 015000 UP) EX220-3
792DLC EX270LC
892ELC EX300-2
892ELC (SN 011000 UP) EX300-3
992ELC EX400-3
790D EX220-1
35CZTS EX35UA, EX35U, EX50UA, EX50U, EX60-5, ZX60
80C EX120-5, ZX120
120C EX160-5, ZX160
160CLC EX200-5, ZX200
200CLC EX220-5, ZX230
230CLC EX270-5, ZX270
270CLC EX300-5, ZX300
370CLC EX370-5, ZX370
450CLC EX400-5, ZX450
600CLC EX550-5, ZX600
800C EX750-5, ZX800

ConEquip Parts has access to John Deere and Hitachi parts books so if you have any questions about the parts you need, they are ready to answer all questions. There are many aftermarket parts for most models which ConEquip has in immediate availability.

Call to speak with a Deere Specialist now.