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How to Buy Heavy Equipment Parts.

Be Prepared with your Part Information

When deciding to purchase parts for your equipment, have the machine make and model of that equipment the name of the part and the part number available. For example, a Case 580C Backhoe stabilizer pad, part number D88427. If you do not have the part number, you should try to have the machine serial number available so that we can do a lookup in the parts book for your machine make and model.

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Know the Difference Between Aftermarket, OEM, Used, or Rebuilt/Remanufactured

You should know what parts are out there and what is available. You can choose to buy an Aftermarket Part, an OEM Part, a Used Part, or a rebuilt part. An aftermarket part, is a part that is manufactured by someone other than the original equipment manufacturer or OEM. You also have the option of purchasing a used part. You can also purchase a rebuilt or a remanufactured part.

A lot of the heavy equipment such as a Backhoe, Wheel Loader, Dozer and Excavator have parts that are not made by the OEM any longer (Komatsu and CAT are common). Many parts are made for the OEM's by aftermarket manufacturers and those are available as aftermarket parts. It is an alternative for the owners of that equipment to save money over OEM's high costs but It does not mean that the parts are any less quality. Sometimes the quality of the aftermarket part is better than that of the original manufacturer.

A benefit of purchasing a used part is that the cost is less than an OEM, but you may not get as much of a warranty or guarantee on it. You also do not know what the condition of that used part is until you get it, and put it on your machine.  A remanufactured part is a part that is built as close to the specifications of an OEM as possible. A rebuilt part is a part that put back with replacing only the worn parts.

buying parts Conclusion

While looking to purchase parts for your heavy equipment, you should always be prepared. Know what it is that you are looking for. Know the difference in the parts that are available for you. While some people will only look for OEM Parts, there are other parts that are available for you with the same quality, or better.

Of course, we are here to help you at ConEquip. You can call one of our highly trained parts specialists who will be able to find the part that you need. In fact, with most parts we will be able to offer a New Aftermarket, Used, or Rebuilt version of the part.

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