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Extend the Life of your Wheel Loader

Common maintenance might avoid replacement

If you own a 3 or 4 cubic yard wheel loaders, you can expect more life out of your machine if you apply some simple operating practices.

One problem owners run into stems from their very first decision concerning the machine. Many owners buy models that are undersized for the type of work they expect them to perform. Buying a smaller machine to save money will easily cost you a short time down the road.

Choosing the right loader for the job is a matter of numbers. Owners should use simple math to help them decide on what model to buy. Figure the weight of the material and bucket size, the desired number of trips to load a truck, and the number of loads per day to help determine what size loader to buy.

Once you have the right loader, there are a few operating practices to perform and to avoid to extend the life of your machine.

Many operators use wheel loader like a bulldozer or an excavator. The buckets are not meant for cutting ground. Doing so puts stress on the loader frame and the rest of the machine. This practice is simply asking for trouble.

Wheel loaders are designed to load and move loose materials and, with the proper attachments, palletized loads and similar objects.

Investing the right tires for the type of use is important to extending the life of your wheel loader. High-flotation tires reduce pressure and perform well on soft ground. But they are not good for running at higher road speeds.

Extending the life of expensive construction equipment can be time consuming and a great deal of work, but with the cost of a new loader, this is probably time well spent.

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Extend the life of a wheel loader