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Full Name:
Eric Cedrone

Joined ConEquip:
January 2020

Direct Phone:

Newfane, NY


Also known as "Ears:, "E-Rock" or "Big E", Eric is originally from Cheektowaga NY and currently lives in Lockport NY with his wife and two children.

A little about Eric...

Q: Any interests or personal hobbies?

A: Lifting weights, barbecuing, reading and body modification

Q: Any interesting/fun facts you can share about yourself?

A: I used to be half my size as a 135lb anorexic, I recovered as a vegan and stayed vegan for 11 years, I own a small strongman gym and clothing brand, and can deadlift more than Garrett and Travis.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: I'm either lifting, spending time with family, drinking a beer next to a smoker, reading, or taking care of our animals.