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Core Return Details

Prepare Core Return for shipment

Thanks for getting your parts with ConEquip!  After you have received and installed your equipment part or component please box up or palletize the core for pick up. All cores should be returned complete with all their parts, even broken ones.  To schedule a pick up, just call your ConEquip Parts specialist for a RMA form (below) to indicate the product to be pick up and address of pick up. We will need a contact name, number and times available for the collection of the part by UPS, FedEx or LTL trucking company. Keep in mind to secure the part in a box or on a pallet before pick up. If part is lost in shipping due to lack on your part of packing and palletizing the freight company will not insure it. Please take a picture of boxed and palletized parts for your records.

Verify pickup of Core Return

Once the core to be returned has been picked up please call to verify the transport with us and also give your tracking number to Brandie, our core specialist. She will track and process refunds.

Core Return Refund Details

Core refunds will be process only after core evaluations have been made by the warehouse and that can take up to 2 weeks. There are various core criteria different components have so refer to your invoice or estimate for specifics. If the core doesn't meet certain standards then a prorated refund will apply. Some of our core product does not have criteria and that will be indicated on invoice or estimate, which in that case we just need a complete core with no missing parts including the broken ones. All cores should be returned complete with all their parts.

Core Return Checklist 

  1. Box or Palletize Core for pickup
  2. Shedule pickup through your Parts Specialist
  3. Receive RMA Form and fill out with Contact Name, Phone Number and Time available for pickup
  4. Make sure the part is secure 
  5. Take a picture of boxed/palletized core
  6. Call ConEquip and give your tracking number to Brandie
  7. Await evaluation of core return from ConEquip Warehouse
  8. Refund is received

Core Return Forms

Core Return RMA Form Download as:

 PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format)

 XLS (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet)