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Changing Work on the Construction Site

Construction Site Drone

Technology is changing the way work is done on construction sites. took an interesting look at some innovations changing the landscape of worksites.

Komatsu’s Intelligent Machine Control (iMC), unveiled in 2013 is now available on four Komatsu bulldozers and one excavator, the PC210LCi-10. iMC delivers automatic control for dozing, grading, and excavating.

There's also a new sound on many construction sites that’s joining the symphony of rumbling bulldozers, clanging wheel loader buckets, and squealing excavators - the buzz of drones.

Many construction companies are using the new technology and the bird's eye view the drones provide to help plan site development, keep track of production, inspect the area for needs and potential problems, while also helping companies promote it’s service to potential clients.

The drones also communicate directly with the iMC to provide the automated machines the information needed to perform. This allows operators with less skill levels to complete difficult tasks.

High tech construction

Fully automated bulldozers, excavators, and wheel loaders will start popping up on construction sites. Komatsu has already released the D61i-23, a fully automated bulldozer.

The future jobsite could very well be the inside of a comfortable office building where the iMC and drones are controlled to do the work.

Drones equipped with 3D laser scanners will fly over sites to survey the ground ahead of work to determine soil classification and find buried objects. The data will then be transmitted to machines who will do the dozing and excavating without an operator. A drone can be an ideal tool on a large construction site. Within minutes they can be up in the air and provide a fantastic view of a part of the job that might otherwise be difficult to reach.

Engines are also advancing with new technologies. Hybrid engines are dramatically improving fuel efficiency while also reducing emissions. How is your construction equipment company adapting to the changing jobsite?

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