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Why Choose ConEquip Over a John Deere Dealer?

Better Price... Better Service... How About Both?

In my first three years at ConEquip Parts as a sales guy, I had the pleasure of speaking to hundreds of people from all over the country. Each person generally had two things in common they were hoping to accomplish; to find the part they needed and to buy it from someone else other than their dealer.

Now, I can't speak for all customers, and I certainly cannot lump them all into the same backhoe bucket, but generally they were looking for a better price, better service, or both.

Many customers I helped had John Deere machines. Deere turns out some of the best, most powerful machines in the construction world. The 544K, 644K and the 944K for instance are great new wheel loaders. We also got a ton of calls from customers looking for parts for their older machines like the 310 backhoe, 544B wheel loader, and the 690D excavator because they wanted to keep the old girls going.

However, getting John Deere parts OEM can be pricey. In my experience at ConEquip, Volvo OEM parts were the most expensive, followed by CAT and John Deere.

Fortunately for all three of those makers, there is an extensive market of aftermarket parts available. For John Deere owners, that generally means that you can get parts for your machines for at least 25% off MSRP.

Often times customers who call us don’t have part numbers. ConEquip parts specialists can often work around that on the phone by getting in the parts book making for a convenient experience.

Another reason to call ConEquip Parts for Deere Aftermarket or Used parts has been a surprise to a lot of our customers. We can actually get many John Deere New Aftermarket parts to our customers at a discount because of relationships we have with many parts manufacturers around the world.

Finally, many customers call us for parts because they don't want to deal with their dealers because the dealer reps can be difficult to work with, especially when the part they need is small. This unfortunate situation makes us strive to treat all our customers the same at ConEquip. "It doesn’t matter if our customer is looking for an axle bearing or a complete axle. We will give each call the same amount of attention," says ConEquip president Al Alexander.

To sum up, it is often better to call ConEquip parts over any other dealer because of our price, convenience, and customer service.

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