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Ben Krentz - Vice President

I am Ben Krentz, Co-owner and Sales Manager at ConEquip Parts. We started this company in 2008 and have great plans in store for the future. It has been a great journey and look forward to see what the Lord has in store for our Company.

My wife and kids, all 11 of them thus far, have been a supportive and encouraging factor in my life. Living in Western New York with its great four seasons has been a blessing. Working in the construction industry since 15 years old, this has been a passion of mine to see project get completed. Whether a house getting the last trim piece put on to helping a customer get a part to complete fixing their machine to go back to work.

What does Ben do in his spare time?: Spare time includes church activities, hunting and stock car racing (of which is on hold due to a large family.)

You can see more of Ben in his YouTube show "Ben's Bow Show". Enjoy.

Contact Ben Krentz via phone at
1-716-836-5069 Ext. 181