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Ariel Alexander - Support Specialist Manager

Ariel Alexander of ConEquip Parts

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After moving on from being the "voice of ConEquip", Ariel Alexander has become a go to person for many tasks in the marketing department. If you are a ConEquip customer, you will undoubtedly communicate with Ariel at some point and I am sure that you will have a pleasant experience.

Contact Ariel directly at
1-716-836-5069 or
Direct Line: 1-716-219-8117

Q & A with Ariel

Your official job title:
Support Specialist Manager

How long you've been at ConEquip?
Since 2013

What town/village you live in now?
Gasport, NY

Where are you from originally?
West Side of Buffalo, NY

Any interests or personal hobbies?
I love to sing, and shop! Reading Suspense and Sci-Fi books are a personal favorite, and going to the movies is a weekly event! Any relevant previous work experience? I interned at Roswell Park in high school doing some work in genetic engineering. As much as I enjoyed that, it is a lonely job. I learned that I would rather be on the front lines helping customers!

Any interesting/fun fact about yourself?
I’ve auditioned for America’s Got Talent (fun experience!)...oh, and Umm, I am positively awesome....;-)

A personal quote:
“As I look back on events in my life where I thought I was being rejected, I realize that God was just re-directing me to something better.”

"I couldn’t imagine leaving this place Most people wish their whole lives for a career this good, and to think I’m a part of that everyday!"