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Aftermarket Caterpillar Parts

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If you’re looking to save money on your Caterpillar parts for your bulldozer, excavator, skidder, track loader, wheel loader or all of the above you are not alone. CAT OEM prices can put you out of business and that’s not an exaggeration. Thankfully for us smaller guys there is a great alternative.

Aftermarket parts have surged into a prominent place in the heavy equipment parts world. What was once an unreliable industry riddled with substandard product is now a multi-billion dollar industry supplying quality parts for most makes and models of Caterpillar machines.

You may have avoided aftermarket parts over concern an important part like a pump or cylinder will fail leaving your machine down on a job site. The truth is there is a good chance you have already bought aftermarket parts for your machine already and don’t even know it.

In most cases the aftermarket parts are up to OEM standards and in some cases the part is actually engineered better than the original.

Reverse engineering has made this scenario possible. Companies spend millions of dollars in an effort to duplicate and improve OEM parts for their customers. The cost of production is less and that savings in passed on to the Caterpillar customers.

Virtually every part on a Caterpillar machine can be reproduced from turbochargers to hydraulic pumps.

Customers can save thousands on undercarriage parts, and hundreds of dollars are large orders of nuts, bolts, seals, and o-rings.

As with OEM parts, aftermarket parts are backed by warranties.

If you own a Caterpillar machine, need parts, and want to save a substantial amount of money give ConEquip Parts a call. We will also answer any question you might have about aftermarket parts.

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Aftermarket Caterpillar Parts