A Look the KX057-5 and the U55-5 Excavators

Kubota released two new excavators, the KX057-5 and the U55-5. They say these machines offer upgraded versions of the now-retired KX057-4 and US55-4 excavators. They also released a new quick coupler that fits into the 3-4 ton excavator class. Here is a bullet point summary.

  • Models: Kubota KX057-5 and U55-5
  • 47.6 horsepower
  • KX057-5 features 12’9″ digging depth, and a bucket breakout force of 10,172 pounds
  • The U55-5 features reduced tailswing, a digging depth of 11’11”, and a max dump height of 13’2″
  • 7″ LCD screen offers all the info you need at a glance
  • Optional keyless start up
  • Improved U55-5 cab features reduced noise and vibration
  • Hydraulic quick coupler fits entire line of 3-4 ton Kubota excavators
  • Available now

Kubota says the KX057-5 and the U55-5 adds to a broad selection of 13 compact excavator models complete with conventional and reduced tail swing in the 1-to-6-ton weight classes. Kubota officials say new advanced technology, a quieter cab, and more comfort are part of the upgrades.

The Kubota KX057-5 compact excavator replaces the KX057-4 in the brand’s lineup.

Kubota says the KX057-5 has 47.6 horsepower, a 12’9″ digging depth, and a bucket breakout force of 10,172 pounds.

Technology includes a full-color 7″ LCD screen that provides working data, keyless start up which can be programmed with four digit codes.

Kubota says the U55-5 compact excavator is designed to work in tight spaces. It features reduced tail swing, a larger cab, and enhanced technology.

The Kubota U55-5 comes in both canopy and cab models. It also delivers 47.6 horsepower. It has a working range that includes a digging depth of 11’11” with a max dump height of 13’2″.

Kubota says the cab is quieter, more comfortable, with more room to move with a double adjustable seat, and more foot and head space.

Technology on the Kubota U55-5 includes an LCD screen and a rear-view camera. The U55-5 also has keyless start.

Kubota also released a new hydraulic quick coupler for the 3-4 ton class that lets the operator change buckets from inside the cab in just seconds.

Kubota says the coupler includes custom control packages to fit on each excavator model. The company says the construction-grade coupler also includes specialized hose kits and a spring-applied hydraulic release locking mechanism.

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