In racing, left turns are expected. In life, they can set you back a little. But what we don't realize is that, more often than not, those left turns set us on a new path of discovery.

In our most recent vlog, our onwer Al Alexander shared a story about one such left turn that came into the life of his daughter Sophia.

Sophia, Al explained, was a very kindhearted person, never wanting to bring much attention to herself.

"God made her just very sweet in that way, putting others first. A very intelligent young lady. Probably one of the funniest girls you would ever want to me."

The "left turn" happened a couple years ago when Sophia, at the age of 15, got very sick.

"Her appendix burst," Al said.

He said it was touch and go for a while in the hospital.

"What's interesting about it is since then, that kind of left turn almost awakened her to realizing the world around her and that she wanted to come out and see, what she wanted to join in and experience."

Al said after that experience, Sophia come out of her shell, and wanted to start doing things she wouldn't normally want to be involved in.

That "left turn" set Sophia on a course that ended up with her enlisting in the Navy.

"She said, you know, I heard the recruiter, and it was like a calling. I felt like I had to do it."

Al is very impressed and proud of Sophia and wants others to know that when it comes to our children, they can surprise us. "God calls all ages."

He also wants to encourage others to realize that when those left turns pop up in our lives, and they will, the left turns can set us on a rewarding journey of discovery.

"One of the core values at ConEquip Parts is character. Which is basically explained in one of the Proverbs as enduring suffering. That produces perseverance, which produces character, which produces hope, and ultimately wisdom."

Al says this is a scripture that fits well into the story of his daughter Sophia.

We here at ConEquip encourage all of you to keep that type of perspective in mind when facing those left turns in your life.