Volvo L120E Transmission Off To McClung

Parts Specialist Kevin Zilliox took a call from McClung-Logan Equipment Company in need of a Volvo L120E transmission.  Mark McClung called back in September of 2018.  After a few months kicking around what to do with the Volvo wheel loader, McClung decided it was time to get the L120 going again.

"We had a rebuilt transmission for them ready to ship," Zilliox said.

The transmission had a $5,000 core up front but Kevin was able to reduce that to $2,500 to help get the part going to McClung Logan.

McClung-Logan Equipment Company operating out of Manassas, Virginia is a leading distributor of heavy construction equipment in the Mid-Atlantic region. McClung-Logan has been selling and renting construction equipment across the Mid-Atlantic since 1939.

We are honored to have McClung-Logan as a great customer and friend.