A Komatsu PC300LC-8

Parts Specialist Mauricio took a call from one of his good customers Jennings Scrap and Salvage out of Longview, Texas.  They had a Komatsu PC300LC-8 with swing problems.  After pulling inspecting the problems they were having with the PC300, they determined a swing reduction and new swing bearing were needed.

From Komatsu the swing machinery (207-26-00220) and the slew ring (207-25-61100) would have a price tag of more than $30,000.  Mauricio was able to set up his good friends at Jennings Scrap with a new DYCO swing bearing and a quality, used inspected swing reduction for well under $15,000 total, including delivery.

ConEquip Parts has high quality swing bearings for hundreds of models for much less than OEM list prices.

As for Jennings Scrap and Salvage, they are a great company to work with.  They are a family owned company that started operation in 1946!  You don't stay in business for 72 years unless you know what you're doing!

"Metal is in everything, so we can pretty much take it all. Bring in old appliances, car bodies, copper wire and pipes. We take your unused and unwanted scrap metal and pay you for it," says owner Michael Jennings.

ConEquip Parts is blessed to have this company as a customer and good friend!

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