Deere 544K Rear Axle Off to Pound, Wisconsin

Parts Specialist Nick Murty got a call from B&D Dairy in need of parts for a standard differential rear axle for a Deere 544K.

"Nathan called wanting a breakdown of the rear axle to pick out the parts and I suggested just getting a complete rear axle instead," Murty said.

B&D said the axle shafts were good but really needed the center section of the axle more than anything.

"I had a rear axle with diff-lock ready to be rebuilt for my customer," Murty said.

Murty also had a good used rear axle option available.

After mulling whether to rebuild their own or not, B&D Dairy decided the best option was to go ahead with a rebuilt rear axle with a six month parts warranty.

B&D Dairy is a modern, family farm where cows and family are the focus.  We are so grateful to have B&D as a great customer and friend!