construction workers

Stress is an unfortunate part of life, bur for those in construction, stress can be off the charts. According to a recent survey, 47% of construction workers say they are currently stressed out on the job.

StrongArm Technologies surveyed construction workers around the country and found two big causes of stress were difficulty recruiting skilled workers and low wages.

bout a third of workers said they were stressed out from being overworked, while 12% say the job was affecting their mental and physical health.

Workplace stress’ of course also impacts life at home. Of the construction workers surveyed, 16% said their jobs are working them too hard to engage easily with friends or family outside of work.

StrongArm officials say they conducted the research in part because of changes in work schedules and dynamics post COVID.  While other industries allow people to work from home and have flexible hours, construction and manufacturing haven’t seen that shift to the same extent.

CEO Sean Petterson told Construction Dive many poeple are deciding the mental and emotional stress isn’t worth it.

“This workforce is seeing all of these factors come together in a reality that puts labor shortages and earning stability directly at odds with consumer demand and corporate expectation, and are rightfully worried about what their job will look like in six months or a year’s time, how much support they’ll have on site and the impact it will have on their lives,” Petterson said.