Top 5 Companies to Buy Caterpillar Used Parts

ConEquip Parts is fortunate to have many reliable partners in the heavy equipment parts industry to work with in the U.S. and Canada.  Our extensive network directly benefits our customers when they call us as we are able to expedite the sales process by instantaneously providing multiple parts options from our partners in a matter of minutes.

We then incorporate strict standards to ensure accuracy and quality of parts we secure.  Because of the relationships we have with our partners, we are also able to negotiate a fair market price, and facilitate the transaction up to and beyond the sale to ensure our customer is satisfied.

When it comes to Caterpillar used parts, we have partnered with some excellent companies who continuously provide ConEquip Parts with reliable used parts at competitive prices for our customers.    Here's a look at our top five!

  • 5. Off Road Equipment Parts - This major Caterpillar parts company is a great source for us when it comes to new, rebuilt, and used Caterpillar parts.  Their parts are solid, clean, and reliable.  Although Off Road Equipment Parts operates more as a "department store" of construction parts, without an option to negotiate pricing, we rarely have a problem with Caterpillar used parts from this outstanding company.
  • 4. IronPeddlers - IronPeddlers is always willing and able to provide not only quality used Caterpillar parts but also help us ensure the part is accurate by spending time in the Caterpillar parts book to make sure the part number matches the serial number of our customer's machine.  Pricing is very competitive and IronPeddlers often helps us keep our customer's price down as much as possible.
  • 3. IHM Used Parts - Our partnership with IHM is growing and we are very impressed with how the company operates.  IHM has a real passion for Caterpillar machines which include but are not limited to bulldozers, excavators, wheel loaders, and backhoes.  We know our used parts from IHM will be quality parts our customers will be satisfied with.
  • 2. High Tech Industries - High Tech Industries is very thorough when inspecting their Caterpillar used parts.  ConEquip also secures rebuilt Caterpillar parts from High Tech.  "We really care about the customers, that's what we think sets us apart," said owner William Dodson.
  • 1. Corley's Used Parts - Topping our list of partners we work with when it comes to Caterpillar used parts is Corley's Used Parts.  Corley's does a fantastic job of making sure we get the right parts for the best price.  They get the parts out to our customers quickly and always make sure any problem is taken care of immediately.
  • BONUS COMPANY, ConEquip Parts - Although yours truly operates primarily as a parts broker, ConEquip Parts has established relationships with top salvage yards across the country to help its customers get the parts they need quickly and at the best price available.  Many customers prefer to call ConEquip Parts for their used parts needs first, knowing they can avoid the tedious process of calling around to locate parts.  Instead, customers can get back to work while ConEquip does the legwork in locating the parts.  In the end, customers pay a small price for the convenience, and in many cases actually pay less than if they had located the parts themselves.  Add to that the fact customers have the backing of a large company in the event a used part fails, and you have a win-win for everyone involved in the transaction.

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